The model and entrepreneur Felipe Von Borstel is an ambassador for the Ubuntu project. As an ambassador for the Ubuntu brand, Felipe took a trip in 2019, on a mission, to South Africa. He reports that: “A true lesson in life and values. Knowing that these children live in a precarious situation, but still have a lot of joy and affection in their hearts, is a surreal energy difficult to describe in words ”, he commented on his profile on Instagram.

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A businesswoman and lover of social causes, she experienced and provided better days for children in South Africa. Sandra Bronzina says that it is very worthwhile to cross the ocean to feel the love of children, and that there she found purity, and that even with so much lack she felt the present love and the generosity that touches her. Sandra says she returns from South Africa with the need and commitment to make a difference in the place where she lives.

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