About Ubuntu


What do you want to change in the world today? The transformation into a better place to live is in the hands of every citizen and that is the proposal brought by the social clothing brand Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is an African philosophy supported by the pillars of respect and solidarity and whose word means ``I am because we are``.
The project had the idea sparked during a trip to South Africa. The author of the project was looking for a purpose for her life and, in her search, she went to South Africa to work with underprivileged children. There, the Ubuntu philosophy was presented, which deals with the importance of people's alliances and relationships with each other. This philosophy articulates a basic respect for others, emphasizing the need for unity and consensus in decision making, as well as in humanitarian ethics.

After the end of the experience, the author was looking for ways and institutions to develop this idea of union, what she found in the projects was a lot of amateurism and projects that were not so well managed. As an administrator she decided to start a new way of doing charity, something well managed, following all the standards of a normal company.

With experience in the fashion field, the author decided to combine the Ubuntu philosophy as a way of expressing the essence of each person, what you wear speaks a lot about who you are and who wears Ubuntu is a person who wants to make the world a better place, with unity and helping other people.

Today the brand receives donations and sells clothes to finance social projects, all profits are destined to these institutions.

Ubuntu intends to expand the purpose to the world, seeking the globalization of the project.